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map functions in Excel

Mapping a Model in Excel

The larger a worksheet becomes, the more difficult it is to manage, and finding particular cells can prove difficult in the same way as finding a specific location in a vast landscape.

The solution to both problems is to have a good map; one which produces a compact and accurate representation of a larger reality.  One of the drawbacks of Excel is that it has no built-in facility for generating such a map.

The Map functionality generates a graphical map of the structure of every sheet in a workbook or of a selection of the worksheets in a workbook, helping you to identify various worksheet features and to locate errors in the logic of the worksheets.

Here’s How Our Map Excel Function Will Benefit You

Gain a clear understanding

Visually map out contents, including formulas, numeric, logical constants, range names and more. See the logic behind a spreadsheet and gain a clear understanding of how it is functioning.

Colour coding

OAK colour codes the information you ask it to map, making it even easier and more convenient to quickly and accurately take in.

See consistency and anomalies

The map analysis worksheet OAK creates will clearly show you the consistency across rows and columns. Any inconsistencies or anomalies will be flagged for your attention.

Trace back inconsistencies

It is simple to trace back inconsistencies from the map using OAK. The add-in will take you directly back to the original cell in the model where the error originated.


Why would I want to use Map?

Map serves as an auditing tool, enabling quick detection of errors and inconsistencies in worksheets and creating a record of what you have done. This can be easily shared or printed to help explain the information to others effectively.

What makes OAK’s Map function unique?

Many Excel add-Ins have functions similar to map spreadsheet data, but OAK’s stands out as the most impressive. Our feature reduces visual distractions and emphasizes the identification of input cells, their categories, and formula cells. OAK also highlights cells included in arrays. Dynamic array and spill formulas are clearly distinguished.

Can I trial the Map function?

We offer a 30 day free trial, sign up today to try mapping in excel with OAK for yourself. We are confident that you will enjoy the way OAK can streamline your spreadsheet modelling process.