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Compare Worksheets In Excel

Over time, worksheets and workbooks can become extremely hard to untangle. This is due to successive changes being made, which are often lost track of. Manually checking through all your data to find modifications is an extremely time-consuming task that could take significant time and concentration.

How can you be sure that the workbook you are using today is accurate to the one you were using last week or last month? Installing OAK’s software to compare Excel spreadsheets will enable you to be confident.

By using our specialist Excel add-in, you can quickly and accurately compare two Excel sheets for differences. The comparison is typically finished within minutes, greatly reducing the time and effort required.

The Benefits of Using OAK To Compare Excel Worksheets

Simple to complex tasks

OAK can handle simple comparisons as easily as more complex ones. The software can align two worksheets with similar overall vertical layouts, perform detailed worksheet-by-worksheet comparisons of cell contents in two workbooks as well as identify and match appropriate pairs for comparison.

Rectify unexpected side effects

OAK is invaluable for identifying and rectifying unwanted side effects in your Excel workbooks. For instance, if you’ve made multiple changes and saved a new version, only to discover unexpected issues at a later date, OAK will quickly compare the current and previous versions, pinpointing all differences and helping you identify the problematic change.


Use the compare function in Excel for workbooks, worksheets, and ranges. If necessary, you can use the Remove Compare Modifications tool to easily keep a record of how your spreadsheet looked before you compared it.


By using OAK as a tool to compare Excel files, you can be confident that your data is accurate, even when working with large complex stores of information, or in workbooks edited by many people.


How can the compare function assist in team collaboration?

Using OAK to compare multiple sheets in Excel provides a detailed report of differences, helping you identify and manually revert specific unwanted changes. Your team can work together, making clear decisions on accurate information and not worrying about previous collaborative worksheets remaining incorrect.

Can I trial the Compare function?

We proudly offer a 30-day free trial so you can try out all of OAK’s excellent features yourself. We are sure that you will find the tools beneficial to your analysis.