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OAK Essentials OAK Professional Site License
Modules Tools Limited to
10 Worksheets
Review Map
Worksheet Manager
Search 5 Predefined & 3 Customised searches
Formula Reconstruct
Fan out Precedents
Prune Inactive Path
Compare Workbooks, Worksheets & Ranges
Cells Transpose
Copy Literal
Copy Address
Worksheets Add/Delete Columns and Rows
Remove Color Formating
Unhide Cells
Names Names Database Builder
Apply/DeApply Names
ReDefine Names
ReCreate Names
Remove #Ref!
Licensing Single User Single User Enterprise
Price £95 £395
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Discounted prices

No. of Licenses Price Description
1 - 2 £395 Single user license.
3 - 9 £265 Multiple license fee based upon ‘3 for the price of 2’ rate.
10+ £200 For bulk license acquisitions, offered at heavily reduced price.

Simply click on Buy Now and enter the number of licenses that you need. We will automatically apply the discounts for you.

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