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We have now increased the trial period from 15 days to 30 days!

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Formula Walker

Our new tool, the Formula Walker, means you can:

• list and trace all precedents and dependents of any formula
• navigate back and forth through the tracing sequence
• create cell bookmarks with comments for future reference

Code Optimisation

The core code on OAK5 has been optimised to give
performance improvement for all tools.

• Quicker searches
• Faster formula parser
• Swifter workbook comparisons

OAK5 on 64-bit even with Excel 32-bit

Included with OAK5 is a Windows App that allows you to run the Summarize, Compare and Map tools using 64-bit memory management even if your Excel version is only 32-bit.–>

Set tool options directly from the new task panes

Following Excel developments we have introduced task pane controls for the Summarize, Map, Compare and Search tools.
This allows you to adjust tool parameters quickly along with accessing and running the tool on any open workbook without having to select the tool in each spreadsheet.

Gain a full understanding of the data contained in your OAK5 reports

We have refreshed all OAK reports, added a short description of the report’s purpose and a legend for key metrics, so anyone reading an OAK report can easily understand its meanings.

Simplified ribbon

We have merged the Review and Development ribbons into one so you can quickly select any of the 30+ tools OAK offers within two clicks.