What's new in OAK 5

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The 5th generation of our OAK includes new features and several changes at the core algorithms that offer a significant increase in performance.

OAK 5 is now a subscription with all the advantages of this licensing model, such as:

 Reduced upfront cost;

 Constant minor and major updates without additional cost;

 Ability to suspend the subscription at any time.


Regarding new features and improvements:

 Formula Walker

         A new feature that offers the users the possibility of navigating across precedents and dependents of any cell without losing the history of that tracing investigation

 Formula Explorer

         Built from Operis's internal tools used by our analysts to audit the most complex formulas.

 Compare tool enhancements

         The Compare tool has been optimized and it is now significantly faster than the previous OAK version.

 Simplified ribbon UI

         OAK has now a single ribbon instead of the two separate ribbons on OAK 4 offering a better user experience.

 Map, Summarize, Compare and Search

         These four tools are now using Microsoft Custom Task Panes to improve the user experience.

 Excel 365 Dynamic Arrays

         OAK is now compatible with dynamic arrays.

 Utilities tools to improve productivity

         From version 5.4, OAK offers a new set of utility tools that boosts the user's productivity and review processes.

 On a more technical note:

         OAK now uses the .NET Framework 4.8