OAK version history

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11 July 2023

Adjustments to auto-login/logout

Fix for jumping left or up overshooting edges of sheet

Added option to avoid using WebView2


12 May 2023

Removed oakconfig.xml and store "web updates allowed" setting in registry

[5.6.009 only] Public key pinning of Operis server certificate for news and software updates

Enhanced validation of digital certificate on update msi.

Updated WebView2 libraries

Fixed scaling of splash screen


20 March 2023

Fixed: failure to load a native DLL on older systems

Use of https protocol for news and updates

Verifies digital signature of downloaded update file

Added ability to disable web updates using an installer command line option


17 February 2023

Fixed: Compare returning an error when using the rows alignment option.


3 February 2023

Added new Review feature

Added new 'Insights' sheet to OAK map

Added new 'Trace dependents' feature

Added pruning for new Excel 365 functions

Summary and Compare report books also include RC addresses

OAK Reconstruct & Formula Explorer support 3D formulas

Formula Explorer and pruner support @ symbols

Redesigned Pruner UI

Redesigned convert references UI

Formula explorer now has guidelines and the triangle colors can be customized

Login fail error message is now copyable

Fixed 'stop running this script' issue with custom task panes

Fixed some language issues with the Formula Explorer

Fixed issue where unchecking all sheets on a custom task pane would automatically reselect them

Removed Formula Walker tool


28 October 2022

Machine level installer registers CTP control at machine level for improved security.


19 August 2022

New feature: Formula Explorer offers a 'drill' mode which breaks down Excel functions by arguments.

Improvement: the Precedents Navigation tools now handle protected workbook structure (with hidden sheets).

Improvement: the OAK parser recognizes 35 new Excel 365 functions.

Improvement: Formula Explorer, Precedents Navigation and Fan Out Precedents are now fully compatible with 3D formulas.

Fixed: bug where OAK would randomly log out the user.

Fixed: bug where the Compare tool would break when setting range colour fails.

Fixed: bug where toggling visibility of addresses and Labels would crash the Formula Explorer.

Fixed: bug where some windows would not scale correctly.


22 July 2022

Improvements on the Formula Explorer: formula wrapping, window automatically collapsing, performance improvements.

Added Ctrl + Alt + F5 to list of Excel shortcuts.

Fixed: bug where 'About OAK' crashes Excel if the user does not have an active license.

Fixed: trial window no longer showing if valid login credentials are detected


04 July 2022

Fixed: Compare automatic sheets matching now disabled.

Fixed: 'Forgot password' link is now invoking correct interface.


24 June 2022

New feature: The Formula Explorer is a UI-based tool designed to make navigation and formula auditing easy.

New feature: Precedents Navigation - an alternative method to trace precedents of a formula without the need of a UI.

New trial mechanism that does not require any login credentials


6 May 2022

Fixed: Compare is now able to  to compare two sheets on the same workbook

Fixed: Compare is now able to compare workbooks with different number of worksheets


8 April 2022

New set of Utility tools (Colors, Casing, Switch Signs, Convert References)

New module for keyboard shortcuts

Improvements on the dynamic arrays compatibility

F1 disable key functionality

Combined per-user / machine-level installer


22 January 2022

Adjustments to subscription functionality


17 December 2021

Dynamic arrays supported

Now uses .NET Framework 4.8

Aggressive optimization removed


1 November 2021

Changes to encryption for FIPS compliance


8 October 2021

Replaced shortcuts macro with use of keyboard events

Fixed redefine names UI

Fixed unique cell difference counts in compare reports

Fixed startup error logging problem where logs folder doesn't exist

Added link addresses option to IOAKAPI.Summarize

Restored machine-level installer from OAK4


23 July 2021

Small changes in subscription logic and UI

Subscription library config files moved to OAK folder


22 June 2021

Map cover page no longer optional

Fixes and other adjustments to report formatting

Fixed: OAK ribbon disabled after copy literal failure

Compare with grouping works with dynamic arrays


25 May 2021

Various bug fixes.

Simplification of compare progress reporting.

New subscription licensing service

Compare recognizes dynamic arrays and spilled formulas

Changed COM class id and prog id (Operis.OAK5.Connect) to co-exist with OAK 4

Fixed an issue some users had with custom task panes


6 April 2021

Fixed an issue some users had with custom task panes


26 March 2021

Summarize and Map reports recognizing dynamic arrays and spilled formulas

Map no longer distinguishes the direction of formula consistency


17 March 2021

Additional diagnostic code for users with custom task pane problems


15 February 2021

Fixed issue with summarize tool


5 February 2021

Fixed issues with licensing and update notification


25 January 2021

New licensing mechanism

New ribbon section with Operis news and announcements

Formula Walker

operformance enhancements by integrating the OAK parser

onew Date and Author columns on bookmarks

obookmarks export in XML format instead of CSV

Excel's 365 dynamic arrays are now acknowledged by OAK


23 November 2020

Formula Walker

operformance enhancements

ofixed bugs canceling new bookmarks and pending copy operations

onew Value column


oFixed unconditional display of update form

oNew "update available" indicator on Account icon.

Fixed Worksheet Manager bug loading multiple workbooks

Restored site license functionality

Simplified version numbering


3 July 2020

Fixed risk analysis score formula for reports that link addresses

Fixed layout of search progress form

Updated EULA and documentation relating to the trial period.


1 July 2020

Compared with OAK 4, OAK 5

Introduces a new tool the Formula Walker

Map, Summarize, Compare Workbooks and Search redesigned interfaces

Has a new single-tab ribbon.

Has custom task panes for map, summarize and compare workbooks.

Highlights token level differences in formulas.

Is installed per-user without the need for administrator rights.

Replaces perpetual licensing for a subscription based licensing