Version history for this help

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VERSION 5.5.003

Updated version history

Grammar correction on 'Application for OAK' page

VERSION 5.5.002

Added help page on Formula Explorer

Added help page on Precedents Navigation

Updated help page on OAK help options

Updated help page on updates mechanism

Updated COM API documentation for new features.

VERSION 5.4.005

Updated help on Compare between two worksheets

VERSION 5.4.004

Added help pages for the new utility tools.

Added help for the new Shortcuts module

Added help for OAK's logs.

References to the Copy Literal 'Double-select mode' were removed.

Updated images to the Operis Hub functionalities.

Dynamic Arrays information now moved from 'Known limitations' to 'Basic concepts in Excel'.

Added troubleshooting documentation for Office OLE/COM Blocking.

VERSION 5.3.005

Updated OAK Registry Settings to include the per-machine installation.

Alterations to known limitations regarding dynamic arrays.

Updated prerequisites for .NET Framework 4.8

References to the deprecated aggressive optimization were removed.

Version 5.2.008

Added help with firewall configuration.

Added OptimizationMode.

Version 5.2.006

Updated references to UI features and reports that have changed

Dynamic array reporting details

Added documentation for the Operis Hub Portal for subscription licensing.

Version 5.2.002

Updated references to OAK's COM class and ProgId.

Version 5.2.001

Added problem solving page: Context Menus Persist After Installation

Version 5.2.000

References to new dynamic array functionality.

Version 5.1.000

Restored OAK 4 object reference and scripting documentation.

Version 5.0.002

Updated formula walker documentation.

Version 5.00.001

Updated trial details.

Version 5.00.000

Released 1 July 2020 with OAK 5.00.000.