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Copies the formula(s) from the source range to the target range, without adjusting cell coordinates as Excel normally does, and transposing rows and columns

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result1 = expression1.Transpose

Set expression2.Transpose(source, [target])

expression1   Required.  An expression that returns an IOAKAddIn object.

expression2   Required.  An expression that returns an IOAKAPI object.

result1   An OAKResult enumeration indicating the success or otherwise of the action.

source        Required Range.  The cells to be copied.  

target   Optional Range  The place where the cells are to be copied to. Normally just a single cell.  If omitted, the is taken to be the top left corner of the source (which will result in overwriting of the some or all of the source).


When applied to an IOAKAddIn object, the Transpose method acts on the current selection in the same way as the Transpose command does. An exception may be raised if the selection is not suitable for the action.

When applied to an IOAKAPI object, the Transpose method acts on the ranges indicated by the parameters submitted to the method.

If the target overlaps the source, some or all of the source will be overwritten.  That aside, the source is not altered by this action: the action is to copy cells, not cut them, and the originals are left in place.