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Applies the specified names to the specified range.

Applies to



result = expression1.ApplyNames

expression2.ApplyNames(Names, Range)

expression1   Required.  An expression that returns an IOAKAddIn object.

expression2   Required.  An expression that returns an IOAKAPI object.

result   An OAKResult enumeration indicating the success or otherwise of the action.

Names        Required Variant.  The names to apply.  Can be an array of strings or a collection containing strings

Range        Required Range.  The range to apply the names to.

Scope                Optional Variant.  Can be one of Range, a Worksheet, a Workbook, or missing, in which case the whole workspace is presumed.


When applied to an IOAKAddIn object, the ApplyNames method activates the same dialog box as is presented when the   Apply names command is selected manually from the OAK user interface.  The action that follows is controlled by the data gathered by the dialog box from the user.

When applied to an IOAKAPI object, the ApplyNames method applies the specified names over the range indicated by the parameters submitted to the method.