Simple installation

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To install OAK

1.Obtain the installer OAK5-version.msi from either the email sent by Operis after subscribing a trial or a paid plan or from the Operis Hub (

2.Double click on the file, an action that will invoke the Microsoft Software Installer built into Windows.

3.From version 5.4.001, OAK offers the possibility to install at the user-level (where OAK is available only for the current user) or at machine-level (requires admin rights to install) - while the default installation is 'per user' this can be changed by selecting the 'Advanced' button on the installation wizard:



a.The per-machine installer will install OAK at C:\Program Files (x86)\Operis\OAK5 and not at %localappdata%\Programs\Operis\OAK5  as on the default per-user installation.

4.The installer will allow your IT to comply with the Center For Internet Security recommendations, as well as Microsoft.

5.When the installer reports that it has finished, start Excel and see whether the OAK menu or ribbon tab have appeared.

Most of the time, this is all that is necessary to get a working version of OAK. If it doesn't work first time, the next section will help you fix it.