Operis Hub portal

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The Operis Hub Portal offers all Operis customers and alumni plenty of resources on training and OAK.

OAK customers and users will be able to access a wide range of OAK-related contents like webinars, video tutorials and mostly important subscription-management functionalities.

This page shows the main features that will help customers and users to manage their OAK subscription:

How to access the Hub:

If you are trialing or purchased OAK, the third email contains the credentials to access the hub (https://hub.operis.com/)

After logging in, a 'Quick Links' section on the left side will have a 'Manage OAK Subscription'.


After following the 'Manage OAK subscription' link, a list of all orders under the account's email will be shown - if the purchase was made by other email address (like a procurement specific email address) no orders will be shown.

The tab 'Licenses' shows all licenses under management of the current user.

OAKPortal2        OAKPortal2a

Payment details and Cancellations

The 'Payment & Subscription details' button allows the customer to change the subscription payment details (like changing the card details) and cancel the subscription at any time. Because payment details are managed by our reselling platform (FastSpring) a new browser window will be open with the FastSpring account management page.

Important: This information will only be available for subscriptions purchased on our online store - direct sales through an Operis's direct invoice will not offer these functionalities on the portal (please contact Operis for further information on your subscription).


Managing Users

Selecting the 'View Order' button on the main OAK subscription page, details on the order and corresponding licenses will be shown as well as the users that were assigned as 'License Managers'.


By selecting the 'Licenses' tab, a list of all licenses will be presented with already assigned users and unassigned licenses that can be assigned to a new user.



To assign an OAK license to a new user, pressing the 'Assign' button on any available license will show a new form where the new user's details will be asked. After submitting, the user will receive an email from the Operis Hub with his OAK login credentials.

License Managers

In a purchase of multiple subscriptions (units) the licensing management can be delegated to other users that will have the 'License Manager' role across the Hub. The tab 'License Manager' allows the assignment of that role to a specific user ( which does not need to be an OAK user):



Once assigned, the License Manager will be able to select the 'License' tab and assign/unassign licenses to OAK end users.