If you avoid Excel names

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Opinion is divided between spreadsheet users who value Excel's ability to express formulas in terms of meaningful names, such as =Revenue-Costs, and others who prefer the traditional coordinate notation, such as =D5-D7.

If you don't use names in your own work, in time you will be confronted by a spreadsheet that does make use of them.  OAK provides a number of facilities that may help you.

You can get a list of all the names in a workbook, so that you can understand what they refer to, using the OAK | Names | Build name database command.

You can prepare a map of the workbook, which will show what parts of it have names associated with them, using the OAK | Map command.

You can identify some names and have OAK remove mention of them from all or part of a worksheet, restating any formulas that use them are rewritten in conventional spreadsheet coordinate notation with the OAK | Names | Deapply names command.

You can identify a formula and have OAK remove mention in it of any names, restating the formula in conventional spreadsheet coordinate notation with the OAK | Formulas | Optimize command.

You can get OAK to deliver reports setting out reconstructions of calculations which restate what is going on as simply as possible, without using any names.