OAK commands

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This section of the help documents systematically the commands offered by OAK.  

They are presented in the order that they appear in the Add Ins tab menu that used to be used for Excel 2003 and earlier.  

Each command is described with

a sentence or two of introduction, setting out briefly what the command does

a description of why you might want to use the command: what problem commonly encountered with spreadsheets it is intended to solve

a description of how to use it

a list of wrinkles, that is, sometimes technically subtle details that can prove snags to trap those not familiar with them

What you could do if you didn't have OAK.  To identify credibly the capabilities that are truly innovative and unique to OAK, we have sought to be open about those commands that are to be found in most products of the genre, or perform functions that can be done in Excel, possibly with a little work.