Transfer a Serial Number to a Different PC

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When you bought OAK 4, you received a serial number which you then activate to associate your OAK installation with the serial number. This is done online or by email or phone.

Eventually, you might need to install OAK on a different computer. You won't be able to reuse your serial number on that computer unless you deactivate it first.

To do this, go to the License Information window, which is accessed by going to the Help group in either of the OAK ribbon tabs, and clicking the "Licence Information" item under the Operis menu.

Buying OAK 1

On the License Information window, click the "Transfer" button.

Transfer Serial Number 01

Click the "Transfer" button.

Transfer Serial Number 02

If necessary, proxy settings can be configured by clicking the "Proxy Settings" button.

Click "Deactivate Online". OAK will attempt to contact the activation server and deactivate the serial number.

Transfer Serial Number 02

Click OK to return to the License Information window.

Transfer Serial Number 03

This serial number can now be used on another computer.

PROBLEM - Cannot Contact the Activation Server

If OAK cannot contact the activation server, you will get a message to indicate this.

Transfer Serial Number 04

After clicking OK, you can click the "Proxy Settings" button to configure proxy settings. You may need to ask your organization's IT staff to help you with this. If you set the proxy settings, and retry the deactivation and you still get this error connecting to the activation server, you are recommended to click "Deactivate by Email" to construct an email to send to OAK support.