Serial Number Exchange

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Operis sells OAK licenses by the major version number. So if you bought a license for OAK 4.0, that is valid for all OAK 4.x.

OAK 4.2 and earlier used different license keys and purchase procedure. Purchasing and license activation was not automated, and when a user needed to move OAK to a new PC, he or she would have to contact Operis to get a new license key.

OAK 4.3 introduced a licensing system that is integrated with an e-commerce provider, to automate purchasing and serial number (license) activation. Even the process of transferring a license to a different PC is automated, when there is an internet connection that can be used.

For this reason, if you have purchased a license for OAK4 previously, you might want to exchange your legacy license key for a serial number.

As of version 4.4, OAK no longer supports the old (legacy) licenses.


A user with a legacy license can request a serial number from Operis by providing the existing license key. Simply enter the old license key in the serial number box on the license form, click Activate, and follow the prompts.

Req Serial Number 02

The process is to send an email to the OAK support email address with the license key in the subject. This will be processed by Operis's sales department, and a serial number emailed to you.

To create the email in your default email client, such as Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes, click the "Create" button.

For webmail, Click the "To:" and "Subject:" buttons to copy the To: address and subject into your webmail.


Alternatively, you could simply call Operis and request to exchange your license key for a serial number. You will need to have your license key ready to read out.

If you know you are not going to be able to activate online, you are recommended to request activation by phone at this time.


Once you have received a serial number from Operis, you need to activate the serial number. This is documented in the section titled Buying OAK.