Checking for updates

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Update program

Operis is not maintaining or developing OAK 4. To purchase the latest version of OAK, please follow the link: .

Operis might release further updates to OAK 4. OAK can detect when these are available, both automatically when it starts up, or by user request.  These updates are free.  

OAK refers to new releases within the current major version number as updates, free to licence users of the current OAK installation. New releases where the major version number increases are referred to as upgrades, a new product that requires a new licence purchase.

Updates can consist of a minor version update, e.g. 4.00 to 4.10, which would typically involve the addition of new features, and revision updates, e.g. 4.00.000 to 4.00.003 which would include minor changes.  

Automatic Update Checking

By default, periodically when started, OAK will try to access the internet to discover if any updates have been released for OAK. If an update is found, the information is displayed in a form that shows the current version of OAK, and any updates or upgrades that are available.

Update checking 1

Since this happens when OAK starts up, which is most often when Excel starts up, there is a countdown timer on the OK button, to prevent OAK from blocking Excel's startup procedures waiting for user input. When the timer reaches 0, the form will be closed as though the OK button was clicked. The countdown can be stopped by clicking the Stop Countdown button.

If an upgrade to a newer product is found to be available, a checkbox labeled "Do not notify me of this upgrade again" is shown. If this box is checked, only updates will be shown until the next minor version update of the newer product.

Checking for Updates Manually

A user can also check for updates manually. To do this, click OAK Development/Review | Operis | Check for Updates.

Update checking 2

The frequency of automatic update checks can be changed by changing the number in the box at the bottom of the form; automatic update checking can be turned off completely by unchecking the check box.

If any updates are available, details of the changes that have been made are shown in the box in the middle of the window. You can download the update and initiate the installation process by highlighting the update in the list and clicking the Update button. Running the installer will require administrator privileges.

Since OAK runs inside Excel, the update check requires Excel to be allowed to make web (http) requests on port 80. Some security configurations may prevent this, and would require reconfiguration of the firewall software.