Activating OAK

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Operis is not maintaining or developing OAK 4. To purchase the latest version of OAK, please follow the link: .

Operis is no longer selling licenses for OAK 4, however they will still provide support for licensing issues.

Licensing is performed on the Licence Information window, which is accessed by going to the Help group in either of the OAK ribbon tabs, and clicking the "Licence Information" item under the Operis menu.

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The Licence Information window looks like this:

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If you do not wish to enter a licence key, click the cancel button or close box to continue.

Enter into the Serial Number text box on the "Single License" tab on the License Information window.

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This serial number requires activation. While there is an email-based alternative, this involves OAK contacting a web server on the internet and associating the PC that OAK is installed on with the serial number.

To start the activation process, click the "Activate" button. In the form provided, enter a contact email address, and repeat it to confirm.

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Once the email address has been entered, click Done.

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This leads to the activation form. OAK offers two means of activation, online, and by email. If you have an internet connection, you are recommended to use online activation as that is automated. If you don't have an internet connection, or OAK is blocked by a corporate firewall or similar, email activation is an alternative (which does not strictly need to be done online).

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Online Activation

Click the "Activate Online" button. OAK will attempt to contact the activation server. This should take a few seconds. If it is successful, you will be shown an information dialog, then returned to the License Information window, which will no longer have the "activation required" message in red.

If OAK fails to connect to the activation server, this may be due to a proxy server being in use. You can make OAK use the proxy server by clicking the "Proxy Settings" button and configuring the options there. You may need to contact your IT support staff to help with filling in the details.

Email Activation

In some organizations, OAK might be blocked from accessing the activation server, but email still available. For this scenario, there is the option of email activation. To use this, go to the "Activation by Email" tab.

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Activation by email involves sending an email to Operis with a hardware identifier for your PC, the same hardware identifier that is sent to the activation server when online activation is used. This email will be processed, and an activation key will be emailed back to you.

The form offers two ways to create an email.

Create: OAK interacts with a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes, to create the email for you to send.

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Copy: OAK populates the clipboard with the address, subject and content of the email. You then paste this information into a new email in your webmail provider website. An example of the generated text follows:
Subject:OAK4 Activation by Email
Serial Number: Pr8kQ-5IEE9-6Dc4f-ADi1o-e4T3F-A5F9K
Hardware ID: 096A29E9

Whichever of these options you choose, you must eventually send the email. This email will be processed manually, and an activation key will be generated and emailed to you. This will not be immediate, so you are recommended, at this point, to click the cancel buttons to get back to Excel.

Phone Activation

Another option is to call Operis, ask to speak to a member of the OAK sales team, and be ready to quote your serial number and hardware ID from the license screen. You will be provided with an activation key.

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Email and Phone Activation: Applying an activation key

Once you have received the activation key, go to Operis | License Information | Activation tab.

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Click the "Apply activation key" button, copy and paste the activation key from your email to the text box in the dialog.

Once you have done this, click OK.

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Activation Complete

Once activation is complete, you are then presented with a dialog indicating that.

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Click OK to return to the License Information window.

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Note that the "Activate" button is now disabled, and the "Transfer" button is enabled. If you ever want to use your serial number on a different computer, you can use the transfer feature to contact the activation server and disassociate your serial number with that PC. You can then reuse your license key on a different PC.