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About Our Financial Modelling Company

Your strategic and capital decisions rely on the details, assumptions, and outputs of financial models and analysis.

At Operis, we put best practice at the heart of our financial modelling auditing, training and software business.

One way we share our knowledge and support our clients in building, maintaining and reviewing complex financial models is through our spreadsheet modelling and auditing Excel tools, more commonly known as OAK.

How the Operis Analysis Kit (OAK) came to be

Operis Analysis Kit, otherwise known as OAK, started life as an in-house application. Our modelling team developed and used it to help construct and review complex financial models.

As a company, we believe it is crucial to support spreadsheet builders, reviewers and users and so we shared our in-house application with our clients.

Soon, large accounting practices and major financial institutions around the world were clamouring for access to our OAK Microsoft Excel financial modelling and auditing functionality.

Today, we’ve transformed our in-house OAK Excel Add-in into an application recognised as the industry standard in Excel modelling and auditing apps.

But that’s not the end of our story.

We want to make our Excel tools for modelling and auditing available to as many spreadsheet builders, reviewers and users as possible.

What’s more, we want to make Excel modelling and auditing straightforward for everyone.

So we continually look at ways to make your user experience that much better.

To do this, we follow trends in modelling practices, spreadsheet evolution and SaaS.

And we collate your feedback because it is critical to our understanding of how we can add value to OAK and improve your satisfaction.

With every software update, you get to enjoy new features, improved functionality and bug fixes.

If you would like help building or reviewing a complex spreadsheet according to best practice. Or reading and interpreting a spreadsheet built by another, then start a free 15-day trial.  There’s no risk, no obligation and no credit card required.

OAK Excel tools Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2020

In June 2020, OAK was recognised as a leading modelling software with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Financial Modelling Innovation Awards.

Introduction to Excel additional tools

When you use Microsoft Excel as your primary business tool, you can keep track of all the data your firm needs, including sales results and inventory documents. With Excel additional tools, you can enhance your spreadsheet abilities to meet the demand for speedy data, streamline processes and facilitate informed strategic decision-making.

What is an Excel add-in?

Microsoft Excel add-ins are third-party extensions or software tools integrated into Microsoft Excel to provide the program with additional features and capabilities. The additional tools increase the functionality of your Microsoft Excel software and improve the built-in capabilities.

What are the most popular Excel tools for business?

Data Automation Tools

Data automation solutions simplify transferring your data list into an Excel worksheet and formatting the text without worrying about copying and pasting errors. 

You can link most data automation tools with your marketing and accounting platforms, select the data list and watch as it imports your range of data values swiftly and readily into the cells of your worksheet.

Data automation tools are essential in eliminating human mistakes that may arise while manually entering the data into the relevant cells of your spreadsheet. 

These technologies move the data with high precision enabling you to interact with your data quickly. You can schedule refreshes, so the data in your worksheet is updated monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly. Additionally, you can select the option to send personalized notifications or comprehensive reports directly to your mailbox, saving you the time and effort associated with of manually updating your spreadsheets. 

Data Visualization Tools

A data visualization tool can help you better understand and present data in your analysis. Those tools have features to assist you in finding fresh insights, comprehending multiple trends and patterns, and making sense of complex data sets. 

Depending on the data and analysis you need to undertake, there is a long list of data visualization tools and platforms to select from.

Using data visualization tools has multiple advantages, including making it simple to publish graphs and charts, automatically creating reports from a list of raw data, and enabling a user to conduct a more in-depth study. 

Data visualization tools help businesses all around the world to comprehend their data and make better business decisions.

Advantages of using additional Excel tools

Easily configure and import data into your worksheet.

Some Excel add-ins allow you to import data easily into your worksheet, select objects and cells and apply sophisticated data filters to reduce manual errors.

Improve efficiency and productivity.

Excel additional tools are essential for accelerating productivity and enabling you to work effectively with significant volumes of data.

Better organise data.

Raw data can be intimidating and challenging to analyse. With the help of Excel add-ins, you can quickly manipulate the data within your workbook and convert part of the data into graphs or charts for easier viewing.