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Excel Financial Modelling

Make the complex comprehensible. Reduce the risk of missing spreadsheet formula errors.
Using a lifetime of experience in Excel Add-ins & audit tools.

Rapidly understand formulas

Navigate across all formula precedents and branches by using fully customized keyboard shortcuts. Easily compare two formulas or different branches and spot the discrepancies. Auditing formulas has never been easier.

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Know where you stand with spreadsheet risk

Get a measure of a spreadsheet’s complexity with our financial modelling software. Receive a summary of an entire workbook, its layout and formula risk, delivered to you in an easy to understand report.

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Spreadsheet auditing

Compare spreadsheet versions and create an audit trail

Identify discrepancies and their origin in a systematic and structured way.

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Spreadsheet software to compare worksheets

Trace all the components of a formula

Thoroughly investigate formulas as you navigate through all precedents and dependents.

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Get a visual representation of a spreadsheet’s layout

Identify formula inconsistencies and errors. In addition, check to see if a spreadsheet is built according to best modelling practices.

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Spreadsheet software to map in Excel

Understand the logic behind complex formulas

Automatically reconstruct a formula in a safe environment to identify all the precedents and dependents down to the inputs level.

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Our financial modelling software in a nutshell

Learn more about Excel audit add-ins

If you want to get the most out of Excel, try using an Excel auditing tool like the Operis Analysis Kit. Learn about how they work, how to install them, and how they can be beneficial.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet software for Windows. It is used in almost every business sector for creating graphs and data analysis. For Finance analysts, accountants, and project managers, the ability to use Microsoft Excel is considered an essential skill. But that’s not all; mastering Excel add-ins can help these professionals improve their proficiency with Excel.

Our Microsoft Excel add-in can simplify processes, saving you valuable time and making your spreadsheets more effective. Whether you are trying to create a visually appealing presentation or performing complex financial and data analysis, OAK can help.

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What are Excel Add-ins?

A Microsoft Excel Add-in is a software program that can be attached or embedded into Excel. These financial modelling tools allow you to access a number of additional functions and features in Excel.

There are many Excel add-ins available on the market today. Each one provides new custom functionality, giving more power to Excel. To function, they need to be enabled. Once enabled, they will automatically activate whenever you open Excel and are integrated with the toolbar and ribbon.

Excel auditing tools are independent software applications that are specific to Excel only and cannot be used with any other application of Microsoft Office. These Excel Add-ins seamlessly handle several tasks, such as creating, removing, and updating the data in the workbook.

These add-ins are versatile and great time savers. There are Excel auditing tools to boost productivity, add chartings and graphing capabilities, create visualizations, study data analysis and manage finances.

People use financial modelling software to:

  • Interact with different objects of Excel
  • Use extended versions of the function
  • Add custom functions
  • Read and write Excel data more efficiently
  • Help you perform advanced data analysis function

How can we install Microsoft Excel Add-ins in windows?

To successfully use Microsoft Office or Excel Add-ins, you must follow two basic steps: installation and activation.

1. Installation of Excel Add-ins

Online add-ins are easily available on the internet; there are different kinds of Excel Add-ins available on the market for Windows and Mac, and the method to install them varies from one type to another.  Download any add-in from an authentic website and follow these instructions to install it.

You need to run the Excel or Microsoft Office setup program to install add-ins, which are installed with Excel. Go to the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Options.’

  • Select the option ‘Add-ins’ from the left menu
  • Select ‘Excel add-in’ from the drop-down menu and click ‘Go.’
  • If you have add-ins saved on your computer, click on ‘Browse’ in the ‘Add-ins’ dialogue box.
  • Select the add-in you wish to install and click ‘OK’
  • After installing Excel add-ins,  you’ll need to close your Excel workbook. When you reopen it, you will find the newly installed add-ins in the ‘Add-ins available’ box.
2. Activation of Excel Add-ins:

To activate these add-ins click on the ‘file’ tab, select ‘options’, and then click ‘Add-ins’. Select ‘Excel Add-ins’ from the Manage dropdown list and click ‘Go’.
Check the box for the add-in that you want to activate. If you want to remove an add-in, deselect it and click ‘OK’.

How to select the best Excel Add-in for you?

There are a lot of add-ins available on the market, and each of these Excel add-ins has a specific function. It all comes down to what additional features or functions you are looking for.

When selecting the right Excel Add-ins, you should gather all the necessary information regarding the tools it includes. You should choose them based on ease of use, compatibility, features, and pricing. Wondering what our add-ins could do for you but don’t want to spend money right away? Sign up for a free trial now.

How can accountants use Excel Add-ins?

Excel functions are essential for a financial analyst, and being an expert in Excel plays a big part in their job requirements. They need to perform financial analysis using Excel daily.

Excel add-ins from Operis Analysis Kit can help them out in performing calculations at a much faster rate than usual. There are tools to:

  • Find potential errors
  • Investigate formulas
  • Compare different versions of a model

How accountants can use Excel add-ins?

Just like finance analysts, accountants also need to keep track of the accounts and other monetary matters for which Excel is widely used. Time management is the most crucial skill an Accountant should have.

The OAK Excel Add-in supports them with:

  • Creating time-saving shortcuts
  • Simplifying financial analysis calculations