OAK Capabilities

Make the complex comprehensible. Reduce the risk of missing spreadsheet formula errors.
Using a lifetime of experience in Excel audit tools.

Rapidly understand formulas

Navigate across all formula precedents and branches just by using fully customized keyboard shortcuts. Easily compare two formulas or different branches and spot the discrepancies. Auditing formulas has never been easier.

Know where you stand with spreadsheet risk

Get a measure of a spreadsheet’s complexity. Have a summary of an entire workbook, its layout and formula risk delivered to you in an easy to understand report.

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Compare spreadsheet versions and create an audit trail

Identify discrepancies and their origin in a systematic and structured way.

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Trace all the components of a formula

Thoroughly investigate formulas bookmarking cells as you go back and forth all precedents and dependents.

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Get a visual representation of a spreadsheet’s layout

Identify formula inconsistencies and errors. In addition, check to see if a spreadsheet is built according to best modelling practices.

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Understand the logic behind complex formulas

Automatically reconstruct a formula in a safe environment to identify all the precedents and dependents down to the inputs level.

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OAK in a nutshell