Streamlined & Intelligible Excel spreadsheets

The Operis Analysis Kit (OAK) is an Excel add-in for auditing spreadsheets. OAK helps identify weaknesses in model logic and structure which may lead to poor decisions and the risk of financial loss.

OAK  is now available in two versions:

OAK Essentials – This edition makes available the four key functions of OAK in a simple, affordable package.

Summarize Generates reports on a model’s complexity as well as modelling risk factors.
Map Provides a visual representation of the model’s formula consistency.
Search Locates cells with specific attributes.
Compare Indicates what has changed from one version to another of a workbook/worksheet/range.

OAK Professional – In addition to the four Essentials tools, the full edition of  OAK provides another 28 advanced functions.

We’re proud to bring you the Operis Analysis Kit: we think you’ll be impressed.


19 Sep 2018 OAK 4.40.030 minor update released
26 Jun 2018 OAK 4.40.024 minor update released
01 Jan 2018 OAK 4.40.018 minor update released
16 Nov 2017 OAK 4.40.017 minor update released

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