Operis Analysis Kit

For over 12 years the Operis Analysis Kit has been a vital aid to spreadsheet users, used by almost all of the large accounting practices and by major financial institutions around the world.

Completely redeveloped by version 4, the Operis Analysis Kit has undergone the metamorphosis necessary to bring it into line with the ribbon interfaces of Excel 2007-2013 and with the new requirements of the Windows 7, 8 and Vista operating systems.

Version 4.2 is the latest in a series of updates that have introduced additional features including the Worksheet Manager, a new compact menu and a more informative view of what’s happening.

We’re proud to bring you the Operis Analysis Kit:¬†we think you’ll be impressed.


22 Nov 2013 OAK 4.20.051 minor update released
13 Oct 2013 OAK 4.20.050 minor update released
14 Jan 2013 OAK 4.20.038 minor update released
26 Jun 2012 OAK 4.20.022 minor update released

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